"The pictures were absolutely beautiful, displaying all the heartfelt emotion on the faces of the bride and groom. I cried all over again when I saw them..."
~ Paula S.
"The photos came out amazing and we are looking forward to you shooting our wedding next year. We would certainly recommend you to our friends and families for upcoming events."
~ Kim A.
"I've shot with Ron on several occasions He captures great moments and shows incredible skill every time. His patience and direction are second to none. I'm highly impressed by his professionalism and dedication."
~ Eric F.
"...he captures the fun of the moment, keeps the photos spontaneous, allows you to relax, enjoy the event and know that all the important moments will be captured..."
~ Jeanine B.
"The whole wedding party loved your ideas for the informal shots – they were fun and captured so many touching moments..."
~ Tanya and Tom S.
"I've received dozens of compliments on my new headshot. On a moment's notice at a public event, you found just the right spot in just the right light for a natural and flattering shot..."
~ Angie D.
"You were such a positive example to work with. All those who see the photos are impressed with how much people enjoyed the event and what a success it was..."
~ Natalie B.
"The whole wedding party loved your ideas for the informal shots – they were fun and captured so many touching moments..."
~ Tanya and Tom S.
"Impressive, and the sign of talented professional! I would recommend you with confidence. Thank you again!"
~ Angie D.
"Ron takes great candid shots and also gets the important shots without making them feel posed. He encourages you to have fun so you get some magical moments there is no way to plan!"
~ Jeanine B.


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Latest Entries - February 2013
  • Engagement - February 2013
    Mimi called late in the game to ask if I had an open date in March for their wedding. As luck would have it, it was a open day in my schedule. The challenge was getting her and her fiancé Paul in the schedule to do their engagement session. They wanted something they could use as an announcement and I was unsure if it were possible to schedule something that fit their style and personalities in time. I always like to shoot an engagement session (or in this case 2) long before the wedding. This way the couple can get comfortable with the way I work. So we did a first session (see last month's posts for part 1) quickly. Although that first shoot was one of the best sessions I've had to date, we all still really wanted to get images that reflected their interests and captured the essence of their relationship. After a conversation or two, I found out they loved walking their dogs together, they were both music lovers and Paul is actually a professional piano player. Bingo.

    Thanks to Chris at Frank & Camille's Piano Shop, we were able to commandeer the store and it's most impressive piano for an hour or so. Mimi and Paul are so natural in front of the camera and have no problem showing how much they are in love that this session went by in a heartbeat. Here are just a few of the shots from that single hour session.

  • Engagement - January 2013
    Jennifer was a referral from someone I have shot many corporate photos and events for. I got an email while they were on vacation in Cancun asking if I would shoot her wedding in the fall. Within a few days of her return I met with her and Steve. Over a long cup of coffee we discussed their wedding plans and we all got to know each other. We were all excited to shoot their engagement session. The problem was they love the thought of shots on the beach but it looked to be at or below freezing for the entire month! As I sometimes do, I suggested that we divide up the session into two so they could get their save the date cards out quickly and still get the shots they really wanted on the beach. Arrangements were made to shoot inside in the same place their reception will be held.

    Jennifer and Steve brought their kids along so I grabbed a bunch of family shots in between taking advantage of the fireplace, restaurant area and dance floor. Black and White was the theme of the day and yes, we did quickly make it outside in 20 degree weather to get some of that beach landscape after all.

  • Engagement - December 2012

    Mimi and Paul are just such a pleasure to shoot. They're comfortable with each other and in front of a camera. When Mimi first contacted me, I was happy I could accommodate their wedding date but knew we'd have to rush to get their engagement shots done in time for their announcements. We all decided that it would be best to split the 2 hour session into 2 one hour sessions. Out of 2 weeks of freezing cold and rainy weather, we managed to book the most perfect day to shoot ever! Because it warmed up so quickly, the fog floated just thick enough for beautiful atmosphere and made the sun a giant softbox. On the way to the actual park we planned to shoot at, we passed a pier that disappeared into the fog. Perfect.

    After finding out one of the things they really enjoyed doing together was to walk their dogs in the park, Mimi and Paul grabbed the furrier members of their family and we set out to get shots that captured that personal moment. The shots are one of my favorite sets of photos I have ever done.

  • Engagement - November 2012
    Kim and Tom are a great couple to work with! I have encountered so many couples who want to include their kids in the engagement shoot it's becoming expected. But this one was special. Kim is super creative and detail oriented - not to mention she and Tom are a bundle of energy. So when she brought up her ideas for their wedding announcement I couldn't help but be excited! You have to appreciate a woman with a plan.

    The trick would be getting her very young daughter Staci to perform on cue and to do it quickly before she lost interest. The concept was to make her the focus of the shot and have her holding a sign announcing she was to be a flower girl. It wasn't easy, but with the help of a couple of helpful kid wranglers, not only did we get the shot we went for, but we managed to get a whole bunch of complimentary images to put together a great montage for their announcement (check out the gallery section to see the final announcement.)

    After Staci decided an engagement shoot was just not fun anymore we managed to find an abandoned storefront and get some great edgy shots. Caught the sun just starting to set before we ended the day. Check out some of the photos from Tom and Kim's session in the collections.

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